New user, can't figure this out

Having trouble trying to notate the attached example in Dorico. First bar went ok, but second bar I type the F as an eight note, then hit semicolon, then input 3:2, then hit enter. I get a 3 eight note triplet but the F disappears. Then I try to change the first note to a quarter note F as in long short triplet and it ends up moving the triplet with rests over to the next beat.
I must be approaching this wrong so would appreciate help. Thanks.

I will try to help you.
I am writing the score you sent. First I hit the first rest to select it, then, shift M, input 2/4, enter
Then I hit enter to make the caret appear. With the right arrow I move it to the second beat. I hit the = key (tuplet), write 3 in the popover and enter. Another two strokes of right arrow and select 5 to get an 8th note, ) to make it flat and g. The tuplet mode is still on, so I just have to select 6 and f to write the next note, and so on…
I went back to change the meter in 3/4 once the notes were all written, and then I added the tempo indication (q=110 and then some tweaking in the properties panel to get the same result as yours)
If you are a new user, the thing that might strike you is that I did not input any rest. This is a major benefit in Dorico, you should get used to it really fast !

Thanks Marc, that was very helpful and I was able to do the first couple of bars. A manual would be very helpful.

There is a manual, a link is in another thread here.

Thank you for passing that along. I have downloaded it and will certainly go over it carefully.