New user: Cubase 7.5 to Cubase 8 confusion.

Hello everyone!

I’m really confused and hoping somebody can help me (hopefully it’s something really obvious)

I bought a copy of Cubase on Ebay. The box says Cubase 7.5, but it’s been upgraded to Cubase 8 and also PadShop Pro on the USB dongle. Basically, the problem I’m getting is that Cubase still opens as 7.5.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Installed Cubase from the DVD
  2. Registered for an account at MySteinberg
  3. Downloaded the License Control Software and plugged in my dongle (fnarr)

Now when I open LCC I can see my dongle and soft e-licenser, and on the right I can see three items: ‘All Applications Steinberg, Non-Movable, Remaining Time: 25h’ ‘Cubase Pro 8’ and ‘Padshop Pro Extension’

When I open Cubase it’s still showing up as Cubase 7.5. Any ideas? Did I do wrong by installing Cubase first?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s a Resale Wizard on the Steinberg site this may help you get information.

If that doesn’t help much then I would open a ticket with Steinberg about the ‘Remaining Time’ message because I don’t think this is usual… Kind of sounds like you’ve got an emergency licence running on that dongle.

For getting Cubase 8 download, usually you would download this from within your Cubase account. But I guess that the licence needs to be transferred from the previous owner into your account so that you can see that download. Again, that’s probably where you’ll need to contact Steinberg if the Wizard doesn’t help.


P.S. Cubase 8 download location can be found in this thread as well

Thanks for the quick reply.

After running through that Wizard it looks like the Licenser is still registered in the seller’s name. I’ve emailed him instructions on how to un-register it. Hopefully it’ll then work for me without having to re-install/register it all again.


Turns out this was my fault. I didn’t realise that the Cubase in the box (7.5) and the update (Cubase 8) were seperate programs. I thought that after I’d registered, the Cubase I’d installed (7.5 from the box) would just ‘change’ to Cubase 8. Didn’t realise I had to download and install it separately. DOH. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.