new user, cubase le and Spider V

I bought a Line 6 Spider V 240 hc digital modeling amp that came with cube base le 9.5
I had hoped to set it up on my laptop so that when I am playing at home and writing, I can simply record/capture what I play in those sessions, just guitar work.

So, I have a usb that I use to connect the amp to my laptop now so I can edit patches and explore settings.
I have a program that I can see the available amps and effects I can select from, the program is just much easier to use than using my phone and an app, the laptop has a nice 24" screen vs the phones little screen or the amps tiny lcd.

Can I also record in this way?

essentially not using a mic at all, but capturing the guitar directly with the software by telling it the usb is the source?

I dont know the lingo, I have no experience with recording software or any history with it at all, I am a noob in every sense of the word.

If I can not record direct to the pc with a usb, then what is the easiest, least expensive way to set up so that I can record my guitar parts on this laptop with cube base le ?
I am anxious to capture some things I am writing before I forget them and I figure this should be able to do it, I hope.

Thanks for any help