New User; Elements; no sound from hi hat

I’m using Elements. My hi hat makes no sound. I download someone else’s project that he uploaded for a different question. Playing his project on my computer, the hi hat sounds normal. Then I copy his music and insert it into Flow 2 in my project. In my project, the hi hat from his project makes no sound. What is wrong? I already tried Play / Playback Template / HSSE (Elements) / Apply and Close. When I open his project I do get a message that it “was created with a later version of Dorico.” I am using Dorico Elements 3, Version (Feb 17 2020); VSTAudioEngine3 My computer is a MacBook Pro using macOS Big Sur version 11.2.3.

I opened your file and both flows play back as expected. (Both in 3 Elements and 3.5 Pro)
I’m on Windows though…
(BTW, the first open in the 2nd flow has a duration, so if it’s intended to affect only the note it’s on, you have to shorten it…)

Thank you very much for taking the time. I’m not sure where it leaves me, but back to the drawing board. I have a Windows computer also, but I assume that the Dorico license that I got is only for Mac. I have been thinking about getting the Pro version, but I’m reluctant to do it if that’s not what is causing my issue, which it sounds like it is not. I need to take the time to watch all the videos about halion sonic, percussion maps, virtual studio technology - about all of which I know nothing. It sounds like it’s going to be a longer term process for me to figure this out. Maybe I’ll start just by reinstalling the sound library, in case anything went wrong with that.

by the way, does that open and closed feature mean that, assuming I can figure out how to get the hi hat to sound at all, I can make that neat sound that you get when you strike a partially open hi hat with a stick and then close it with the pedal while it’s still reverberating? in the music that i’m trying to transcribe, the drummer is doing that a lot.

Steve, I’d be interested to know whether you find the problem persists if you try downloading the 30-day trial version of Dorico Elements 3.5? You can install the trial version of 3.5 alongside your current 3.1 version without causing any problems. Go to this page and click Try Dorico Elements and follow your nose from there. You need only download the Dorico Elements 3.5 application installer and install that: the sound content hasn’t changed between version 3.1 and version 3.5, so the sounds you already have installed will be sufficient.

I’m getting the sound I wanted now (mostly). I made a bunch of changes, so I’m not sure what did it, though I suspect it was just the volume adjustments described last. First, I’m 64 years old which means my hearing in the high register is fainter than it once was. I downloaded the free trials of pro and of Halion 6, though I don’t think that’s what did it. Then I marked every hi hat strike with ffff. Then I bumped up the volume of the drum set in the mixer about 3/4 of the way from the midpoint to the maximum. To compensate for that, I had to mark all of the bass drum line as pp, or it was way too loud, and later, when I add snare drum, I expect to have to mark that volume down also. But for now, everything sounds pretty close to how it sounds in the recording I’m transcribing. Now I just need to figure out the open / closed hi hat notations and add those where appropriate.

I have had a similar experience balancing the elements of a drum set in NotePerformer.

What I did was create an additional layout I called Drum Set Split which used the single-line display of hte drum set elements. I could then mark the HH line at a higher dynamic and the B.D. & Sn. D. at lower dynamic to produce the balance I wanted.

None of the dynamics set on the individual lines appear on the Drum Set in the score or the official drum part (as intended by the Dorico Team), and this had the benefit of not having to mark dynamics on multiple individual notes.

Thanks. I’ll try that.