New User EQ/Instrument Question

I have this plug in, mdrummer and I use it in jam mode. So it’s on a midi track but you have no events, it would just play.

So I wanted to EQ it. I played with the EQ on some audio tracks but it wasn’t working on the mdrummer track.

In S1 I put the it on a midi track but I adjusted the sound on an audio channel in the mixer.

I need to learn when to use an instrument track or a midi track and where to adjust the sound at.

Any help appreciated, Thanks

Your Mdrummer must either be on an instrument track (with midi on the same track) or loaded in the instrument rack (which needs to be triggered from a midi track). A midi track can’t load an instrument.

Either way you should be able to EQ the instrument output channels.

Check you are adjusting the correct channel (look for movement in the meters), make sure the EQ is active and if it still doesn’t work describe how you are loading it on to the track.