New user - Existing Audio tracks do not play back

I cannot play back previously recorded tracks. I’m a new user, so I apologize for not knowing the basics. I can hear the isolated track fine if I use the audition feature (speaker icon / mouse roll-over). What’s the secret to simply playing back a track? Is there another secret to playing it back while recording an additional new track?

I see various other posts with similar issues. Lots of views but no replies. Is this a system bug?

On a side note: Is there really no help desk via phone?

First impression: Steinberg goes way out of their way to avoid dealing with customer issues! Way too many hurdles just to submit a question.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


I’m replying to my own post, as this issue has been resolved. Many thanks to the awesome Support Tech (who solved it in about 2 seconds - literally)! This is NOT a bug. And the support tech was professional and most helpful.

The bottom line for me was that the orange Monitor buttons have to be off to listen to audio track playback. The orange Monitor buttons (on each track) are for recording only. It probably makes sense to everyone but me. Hope this helps someone out there.