New User Faderport


Just got 7.5 and managed to get it up and running.

I really like using my faderport with S1, I’d like it get working in cubase, anyone successfully using it?

Is there a device definition running around here somewhere?

Thanks for your help.

Ive got the Faderport. Cubase wouldnt see it initially with the drivers that came on the cd. You just need to download the latest firmware/drivers update from Presonus’ site. Then rescan hardware in Cubase’ Device setup. It has since worked perfectly with both 7 and 7.5.

Any luck in 64 bit mode?

Thanks guys,

I was trying to use it like a midi device, have to try this way.

Hope I can find time today.

I’m strictly 64bit with no 32bit plugs so I’ll see how that works.

Didn’t want to use bridge software unless I have to.

OK, got working model, thanks.

Most things work, only thing I noticed right off was punch in but that didn’t even work when I clicked on it in the transport, so probably something I need to set.