New User, Help changing a setting?

I think all I need to do is have Dorico Pro use Halion Symphonic Orchestra and I will be happy, but it defaults to midi instruments from the GS Wavetable. I cannot pick HSO instruments from the list either. The only way I have found is to go to the play screen, click the e, then click halion sonic, then click HSO and change each track one by one to HSO samples. I have heard of HSO templates built in. They do not show for me. Does anyone know how to get it to work correctly with HSO? This could be a larger issue than a setting. It really has me stumped. Also sound output is super low

I get a mono output error with generic asio device on my lapop

Thomas, calm down a bit! You’re spraying messages all over this forum and asking me the same questions in a private conversation on another forum. Take a breath.