New User Help with Sound

I just recently decided to try the trial version of Dorico Elements 3.5. Whenever I hit play, nothing happens. I have Dorico’s default soundset, but I also have Noteperformer. I don’t know what I’m doing and would appreciate some help.

For a start, please create a new project from the piano template and enter some arbitrary notes. Then choose from the main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The corresponding zip file please attach here. From the contained data I can get a first overview and then give further advice.

Here you go sir:
Dorico (338 KB)

Very strange, from the data I can see no problem, everything is as it should be, well, except for one thing, and that is, NotePerformer is blacklisted with you. But this is a known issue that we are currently working on. And you have loaded HALion Sonic SE (HSSE) and with that it should just work fine.
So if you hit play, the green playhead line does not move, right? Then please try the following: Go to Edit > Device Setup and change the sample rate to a different value, wait for 3 seconds and then change it back to the previous value. Wait again and close the dialog. What if you then hit play?
Also, please open the HSSE editor (with that piano project opened) and click with the mouse on the on-screen clavier at the bottom of the HSSE editor window, is there any metering flickering then? See attached picture of where to expect metering.

No, the playhead line does move, I just get no sound.

I don’t know if this will help your setup, but when that happens to me (playhead moving but no sound) it seems to be that my audio interface (Scarlett 18i20 using Focusrite ASIO driver) has gotten crosswise somehow with Dorico’s audio engine. Even though the interface shows that it is locked and synched, if I cycle power on the interface the sound returns. Restarting Dorico is not necessary - In fact, restarting Dorico will not fix it.

And how about the metering in the HSSE editor window, does that flicker?

And likewise on the Dorico mixer window, are there any indications of of metering?

And one more question, where do you expect sound to come out through, I mean through which device and port?

I’m not sure I understand most of what you’re saying. The editor doesn’t flicker, I’m expecting the sound to come through my speakers which are my headphones.

Could you visually show me what you mean?

If you press F3, that brings up the Dorico Mixer window. When the playhead moves, does next to any of the displayed faders some meter flicker?
And from the diagnostics you sent, I see you have a “Realtek ASIO” device and it has 8 output ports, “HD Audio output 1” to “HD Audio output 8”, and Dorico is set up to stream to output 1 and 2. I don’t know about the internal routing of that device and if that really goes to the headphones or not. Maybe we can have a remote session where I could have a look on your computer?

Sure… You know how the green line moves across the score when press play, right? That is what I meant by playhead. If that is moving but yet there is no sound… And assuming you have your volume turned up, that you have your audio output set up in Dorico as you want it, and that you can hear other things like Youtube or whatever - the things that I’m sure you already checked.

If all those things are true and still no sound… here is a pic of my audio interface. The two green lights indicate that it is properly connected to my computer… but regardless somehow one in a while it isn’t quite with Dorico. I cycle the power button on the interface and sound returns to Dorico.

I think a remote session would be alright if there was a way to talk during that session.

Yes, there are several solutions where one can also talk to each other during a remote session.
TeamViewer, Zoom, Teams,…
Please mail me directly at ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and we’ll arrange the details.