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Hey guys -

I recently picked up Cubase LE AI Elements 7 with a focusrite interface. Really like the program! That said, I was doing a test project to get started (and learn the system) and after 16 audio tracks it said it had maxed out on audio tracks. I was expected to be able to do more - but maybe I’m misunderstood exactly what this particular package offers. Will I need to upgrade if I wish to record more tracks - or am I doing something incorrectly?

I apologize if this is dumb question, but I would really appreciate any detail you can provide.


Aloha a and welcome to the board and glad you are enjoying Cubase.

and after 16 audio tracks it said it had maxed out on audio tracks.

I read this:
Up to 32 simultaneous audio tracks with 24-bit/192 kHz and 48 MIDI tracks

So does 32 mean mono or stereo tracks?

And are your tracks stereo or mono?

im not of great help but i know that the number of tracks is one of the limitations on elements, i heard though it was something like 48 tracks, please someone correct me if im wrong, it could make sense since there are 3 different types of tracks available, audio+vst+midi, so 3 x 16 = 48
anyway you are already recording, so you might be doing most things correctly :slight_smile:

“Up to 32 simultaneous audio tracks with 24-bit/192 kHz and 48 MIDI tracks”

For clarification that would be 16 Stereo tracks or 32 Mono tracks.

For Cubase version comparisons, see here:

Compare the Versions of Cubase | Steinberg.

Got it!

Thanks for the input everyone!

It’s strange as I’ve set each track up for Mono. I would assume I’d get 32-tracks?

Perhaps the one post about the 3 types of tracks totaling 48 is what’s happening. If so, that’s fairly disappointing and will likely require me to upgrade to a higher version.

Hello AAult1040,

Cubase Elements 7 will do 48 mono Audio Tracks (24 stereo), 64 MIDI Tracks and 24 Instrument Tracks. However this is all contingent on the power and speed of the host computer. Are trying to track 16 tracks simultaneously? Also when you open Cubase is it showing up on boot up as LE 7 or Elements 7? I ask this because the Focusrite interfaces come with Cubase LE7, but it is expressed as Cubase LE/AI Elements 7. This often confuses people, but the reason it does that is because they are use the same software. The major difference is in what license you have activated in your eLicenser Control Center, which unlocks those features. If you have updated and activated your Elements 7 license, it should provide you those options. Cubase LE7 is capped at 16 mono tracks.

Joel - Thanks for your message!

No, I am not trying to track 16 tracks simultaneously. I have recorded various instruments (vocals, guitar, perc, etc) on 16 mono tracks - but wish to add a few more.

For reference, I purchased the Scarlett Studio by Focusrite. On the box it says the software included is Cubase LE7. When I open the program, it says ‘Cubase LE7 Music Production Software’ (7.0.6 64bit). However, the icon on my screen reads, ‘Cubase LE AI Elements 7’. So, yeah, I might be a little confused about what I have. It sounds like I may have Cubase LE7, which appears to be limited to 16 mono tracks.

Does that sound right? If so, what is the next step for me if I wish to record more tracks?

Thanks again!!

Hello Aault1040,

Sorry for the late reply, If you want more tracks than 16, you’ll need to upgrade to Cubase Elements 7. This will expand your mono track count to 48 (24 stereo) as previously mentioned. Once you upgrade to the Elements 7 license, when you open the software it will say Cubase Elements 7 (not Cubase LE, AI, Elements7). You can purchase the upgrade from the Steinberg website or any Steinberg dealer.