New user lost

Hi . Bought this Presonus Audiobox96 a couple years ago and rarely used it . Haven’t used it in a while , and can’t figure the bloody thing out . Using Cubase 10 , and had it working (with help) a while back , but now I’ve spent prolly 3 hours messing with this and that and can’t even get it to register my guitar . Instead it picks up music playing from my stereo through laptop speakers . I know there’s some magic setting to get it working , but for the life of me can’t stumble on it . Help?


I’m sure you can get it working. What operating system are you using?

There are current drivers for it for both MAC and Windows:

Have you got these installed?

Once you have all that installed then open Cubase and make sure it’s set up to see the interface. I just Googled these below and they might help (ignore the mention of FireWire in the 1st link – it will be USB with your device):

Thanks man . It WAS working at one point with the help of a friend over the phone . Just had to map it right or something . But I’m not sure how all that went . There was something about an Azio driver or something , and setting the box for something , but I couldn’t seem to find the box in the map at all .

Yeah I’m not sure what it will be called with that particular box but ASIO drivers are the common thing that come with all these interfaces. Presonus should have named it something that is meaningful and you select it at the point decribed here: