New User: Menu Bar Not Working

Hi. I am a new Cubase user. I am having trouble with my menu bar. Whenever I open a new project the menu bar will work one time and that is it. After that regardless of what subsequent action I take, the menu bar will not open. I am on W10, and my video card driver is current. I am on Cubase 11 Pro.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It is very difficult to explore and learn the software when I cannot use or explore any of the menu bar items.

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What graphic card do you have, please? Make sure, your graphic card is Windows 10 and Cubase 11 compatible, please.

I think, this topic has been discussed here on the forum already. Please, search for it.

Thank you for your reply. I had done a forum search and saw the issues involved earlier versions. The first video card is a Radeon RX 570, and I have a Cubase elements version on a different computer with a GE Force 1660. Drivers are current. Both systems are W10. Main monitor is a NEC 27" 4k, run at 200% resolution (sometimes 250%). I did set it to 1920x1080 resolution at 100% to see what would happen, and it made no difference. Please note I am severely visually impaired, and that does complicate things in terms of the settings I normally use. However, Cubase is the only program I’ve ever had this sort of trouble with. Where do you suggest I go from here? And, if is a graphics card compatibility issue, what card would you suggest?

Hi Martin

I replied to you in the thread regarding graphic cards/drivers, etc. As mentioned there, if I do need a different graphics card, what would you suggest? Neither card is particulalry powerful. Given my reduced eyesight, I don’t game, so I’d never get a high end gaming card. FWIW, typically I’m able to only focus on a small portion of a computer monitor at any given time, even with magnification. Depending on your response, I’ll also contact my DAW builder to see what he might suggest. For a variety of reasons on board graphics isn’t the best option, although I do have a secondary 1920x1080 that I could try.

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Is there a solution (or any suggestion) written in the other thread, please?

Additional info: I checked with the builder and told me there were no known issues with the graphics cards. I tried some additional tests, with the same results. At the moment, it looks like I am more or less dead in the water.

Solution found. It turns out that using “high contrast” in my display settings was the culprit of causing my menus to freeze. Unfortunately, I generally need to use that setting, but when I’m in Cubase, I’ll need to remember to turn that off.

Hi again.

Thought I’d let you know that after several more hours of researching and testing, I finally found the problem and the menu bars are now working correctly.

Their problem with freezing menus traced to two issues, and each of them would cause it: 1) having transparency settings turned on (was the case on my generic computer); 2) having “high contrast” turned on (was the case on both my generic computer with Cubase Elements and my main music computer with Cubase Pro.

Anyway, that is another possible cause of problems worth filing away for other users.

Thanks again for your initial reply.

James Walraven



Thank you very much for sharing the result. Much appreciated.

I can verify it’s from using the “High Contrast” setting. You can easily turn it on and off with Left Shift+Alt+Print Screen.

I knew it wasn’t my Nvidia Card because I just started having this problem with my new PC build using the SAME Nvidia 1080Ti card as my last build where Cubase worked just fine. (I’m waiting for Card prices to drop. Tom’s Hardware said to wait until the end of 2022 where Cards will be much better and possibly cheaper.)

Thanks for this thread!! new Dell XPS i 32 gig ram, gforce 4060 Ti. Noticed after using menu bar once it would no longer work. Got rid of transparency settings fixed it!