New user - missing download link

Just got a copy of Cubase Artist 8 (Edu) for Xmas, installed the eLicenser and it automatically upgraded me to 8.5.

However, I’m on an iMac with no DVD drive and when I go to ‘My Steinberg’ and enter the license (or activation) key I see an active license but the downloads page has no download links (just a single

  • bullet for you HTML folks).

    The Support links say to rerun ‘maintenance’ on the eLicenser and then wait. Tried this a few times - no d/l link.

    Opened a support ticket, but any leads here would be great too.


  • Hi and welcome,

    The download link appears in your MySteinberg > Downloads, once the license is activated and registered in your MySteinberg account.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    Sorry, that was the whole point of my question. It doesn’t appear there.

    There is no “MySteinberg > Downloads”.

    There is a “My Products”, and it has a “Software” list with “Cubase Artist 8.5 US” and my eLicenser code and an activation date of yesterday.

    There is a button on that page for “Register eLicenser / software ---- Enter Download Access Code” - which takes me to the scenario I stated above (enter key, get a list with one empty item on it). There’s clearly something gone wrong with my account and the free upgrade being the initial registration.

    I had to eventually workaround this by using the DVD drive on my PC and Apple’s DVD Sharing tool: I installed the 8.0 discs in the box, then upgraded to 8.5 with the online patchers.

    Not a great initial experience. :frowning:


    Is your USB-eLicenser registered (and visible) in your MySteinberg account, please?

    eLicenser is registered and visible.
    Cubase Artist 8.5 US is registered and visible - just no way to download.

    I have 8.5 working, running, licensed via the remote DVD reading workaround.

    Here’s what I see:


    Unfortunately, the Image files are not available.

    Another reason could be, if you tried to download the installer many times, then the installer disappears for a few days from your MySteinberg > Downloads (for safety reason). But if it’s your first try…

    I have the same problem

    This used to work and may still do so

    sorry i didnt mention that my prob is not with 8.5 but with cubase elements 8 educational and wavelab le 8

    If you just purchased these products then you should receive download links by email.

    No, i get a order confirmation mail. Its complicated, I was talking with a technical support representative all day and he gave me new confirmation codes, I activated them but the downloads are missing

    Yeah, they never fixed the dashboard for me. Just told me where to d/l directly. Not sure what will happen on next upgrade…