New user needs help to get going

I just got Dorico last night thinking this was going to be easy to work with like some other programs I was testing before going for Dorico but I am finding its not.

Been in this for hours now and still not able to make simple things as nothing seems very straight forward like it should be.
So I need some help to get started with it.

I have been reading the massive manual that is just more confusing then helping.

How can I create a guitar tab with a Bass line under it to show up to start using. I set up both Elc guitar and bass but I only ever see the guitar line and its not a tab version for guitar?

So as a first test I made a 1, 4 , 5 bass line in the normal line but I need it to be a bass cliff can i somehow change it to a bass line? I tried clicking on it but do not see any thing to change it to a bass cliff. So I copied it and was going to add it to the bass line but I can not find a way to bring up the bass line under the other line for me to paste into.

On playback I see no way to loop a part I am working on as I edit the midi? I am hoping this can be done somehow as when I edit midi I use loop playback all the time so I can keep hearing the notes I change right away as it loops. How can it get it to loop I can not find that in the manual doing a search.

In the midi piano roll it is not showing me the notes on the piano roll can I tun this on someplace so as I drag or move midi I can see what key I am moving it to - right now its like I am blind moving notes or full parts to another key as I can not see the keys I am moving it to?.

When I am in the guitar neck view when I click on a string and note it dose not do anything? How do I get it to place the note I click on into the page as a note or make a chord? I was so excited to get this going one of the main feature for me buying this. I have a sound setup and hear the sound when I click on a string but it is not entering in the note on the page? So had to do my first test all in the midi area.

Anyway to bring up a top bar or something that shows chords that work well with a chord I start with to help creating a new song for chord ideas to maybe use?

When I get the guitar tab working when I set up some chords is their a way to set up a strumming pattern for each chord?
Also with a strum of a chord can I set the chord notes offset of how it get played as a strum down and up for a guitar sound?


I know it is not going to answer all your questions, because it is not the sort of music you want to score, BUT, please take the time to work through the 1st steps guide.
You will learn a lot about how Dorico works - and how it differs from other notation programs and DAWs that you might be familiar with.

No - Dorico does not do looping.
No - you cannot set a strumming pattern against chords.

Here is a screen shot of what I started. This should be a bass cliff.

Welcome to the forum. With that first note selected, type Shift-C (for clefs), then F (for F clef) or “bass,” then Enter.

Janus is right. It’s really best to start with the First Steps guide. Dorico is a powerful program that takes time to learn. Once you get the basics, you’ll feel as though they are intuitive, but if you just try to figure it out, you will likely get frustrated.

Of course feel free to ask here on the forum.

TAB staves are added in the Layouts section > Players > Fretted Instruments.

Ok I did that and got this.
I will look at the first start guide. I think it would have been nice if in my e-mail when I ordered it it would have a link to the first start guide as I did not know their was one,

So how do you deal with no looping of playback area? If I am working on just a 4 bar area by the time I grab a midi note to move it it as all ready past it so I can not hear it as I move it with no looping back over it?

Select a note and press P. It’s pretty fast that way.

Is there a keyboard shortcuts single page I can DL and print and laminate. ?

as Dan says, press P (for play) from the selected note. Press space bar to pause/continue.

Help>Key Commands opens an interactive page. There is also a pdf file of all the popovers.

Edit: also you can change virtually any key command to suit your own preference

Ok I see it pulls it back each time. P… it seems like this would be so easy to add a loop button to loop the full program or a highlighted area you are working on. Even when adding a sound to a line a loop playback would make this so much more easy to hear a part or hear two or more instruments together is one section looping . If there is a suggested list of updates place add this to it.
I spent a good hour looking in menus and tabs looking for loop and in the manual earlier today.

You will get lots of helpful advice here from experienced users on how to use Dorico. But please, be aware that suggesting “it would be easy to do xyz” is strongly discouraged.

We know the Dorico Team reads every post and maintains their own list of future changes. If you search the forum you will discover many discussions about looping/scrubbing.


Edward, may I suggest you look also at the wonderful Youtube Channel of Dorico, with many tutorials? In the Playlist you find a Playlist called “How To”, start from there and soon all will be very clear to you. Dorico is a wonderful software, and goes very deep in his possibilities, but it takes a little bit to familiarize with its concepts.


I did look for one on using the guitar neck view to add notes and sound but did not find one on that. I only found the one showing it as a new feature when it was added, I have subbed to it.
I am reading the start page now.

Ok Got it thanks

Working on the first start info and it has so many keyboard commands I just can not remember them all to get very far. I am at adding slurs and can not remember what all I just did with all the shortcuts.

I would like to to enter in the notes by clicking on the guitar, bass or keyboard bottom image for doing want I want to do then just edit the midi as needed.

This is very frustrating I have been working in this for over 8 hours now and I still have not seen how to make a Guitar tab with the bass cliff under it and use the guitar neck to click on to add notes into the tab.

None of this is covered in the first start guide…

I don’t need all the extra features for making many rows of players I just want to use the guitar tab and midi and bass line.

Is there any help guide for creating this. I see no videos on this. It seems like this should be a few clicks and I am adding in notes getting to work, I don’t have another 8 hours on this getting nothing done

I never see a place to pick Tabs or add in the Bass as well??


I’m sorry it’s so frustrating. I understand. Dorico has its own way of thinking about how things should be done. I have come to believe that it is designed to make hard things really easy by making easy things really hard. That said, keep chipping away at it and you will get it. Take a look at these screenshots and see if they help. What you want to do is add a player, assign them a a fretted instrument, then use the Fretted Instruments section of Layout Options to tell Dorico to display the player’s part as notation+tab. Then switch into Write mode, show that guitar (or bass) neck and start clicking!

Good luck,

— Jason

PS - I hate to say it, but it’s going to take a lot longer than another 8 hours to feel comfortable with Dorico. Seriously. It has a very steep learning curve. Brace yourself.

— Jason

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How do I even get to that first screen you show I have never seen that yet?

I go and create new and pick single and I can pick a bass and a guitar but I never see any of that you are showing.