New User no sound

Am working with a composer/player friend who’s just downloaded the trial version of Dorico 1.1.10 in this context. Of the options of files to download, we opted for numbers 1, 2 and 4 but not the updater.

We used the Steinberg Download Assistant Setup then the Steinberg Download Assistant.

But, despite checking the relevant Prefs in Dorico and the Audio MIDI Setup Utility on his Yosemite (10.10.) system, there is no sound with Dorico; all other apps work as expected.

Clicking on the skewed ‘e’ in the VST rack in Play fails to produce the Halion SE window; ‘Halion Sonic SE’ does not appear under ‘VST Instruments’.

My conclusion is that the Halion SE files were either not downloaded or not installed (properly).

Where can we look for evidence of a completed installation? Is it just the Steinberg folder in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

What the best course of action now, please?

On Windows it is easier to find out, but on Mac, yeah, you have to look yourself for the components. But you are looking at the correct location /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3/Steinberg is the place where HALion Sonic should be installed.
Also, after a complete installation you should find Symphonic Orchestra.vst3 in there. Not that that particular plug-in is actually needed, but all the sound packages from HALion Symphonic Orchestra are needed. You won’t have much fun with just the basic sound package that gets installed with HALion Sonic SE.

So you see, the Dorico installer is actually a wrapper around several installers. One for Dorico itself, one for HALion Sonic SE, one for HSO, one for the eLicenser,…
In order to experience full playback you need to get everything.

Thanks, Ulf!

When we performed the installation, there were two Dorico’s in the list of four: one was (if I remember correctly) Dorico 1.1.10 and the other Dorico 1.1.1 Update®.

Could the fact that we omitted the Updater - because 1.1.10 has just been released - mean that we didn’t get all the sound packages from HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

If so, is our best course to run the installer; or can all the sound packages from HALion Symphonic Orchestra be downloaded and installed separately, please?

No, the updater just updates Dorico and not Symphonic Orchestra, because that one did not change since the initial release.

But you (or your friend) are also missing HALion Sonic, so it is best to run the full installer again.

Thanks, Ulf!

Yes - got it working now.

Hadn’t read the docs/wasn’t sure about the ‘Open’ on the rhs of the Installer utility. Of course, they invoke standard OS X installers. Run those and it’s all as it should be.

Your help, as always, much appreciated!