New User on trial having audio connection issues

Hello just starting out with trial and having issues I cant figure out, Im on Win 11.

During setup If I select the generic low latency Asio driver I get audio that crackles and pops and sounds terrible , I had another asio driver from my Acid Pro install Music Maker Asio and yesterday I selected that in Cubase and the audio was very clear and no issues.

Today I noticed my Cubase stereo in meter was reading sound from my laptop microphone, so I turned that off , now the Music Maker Asio driver will not work at all it gives no audio and I only have the Generic driver and it sucks eggs and sounds terrible.

The ports for the generic driver are listed as , 2 in both Microphone array Realtec 1 and 2, both outs are headphones Realtec .

The ports on the Music Maker Asio say , in IN0 and IN1 , and for out OUT0 OUT1 , these ports do not seem to go anywhere hense I have no audio at all now with that driver.

What can I do here the driver that comes with Cubase is awful sound and I cant use it, and the other driver doesn’t work at all since I turned of the microphone even after turning mic back on that driver doesn’t work now., why is cubase listening to the microphone and what can I do about the crackles and pops, is there another driver I can download that will work.
Im stumped trying to get Cubase to work.

Hi @Rod_Barker and welcome to our forum

Cubase, as every other DAW, relies on proper ASIO-compatible audio interfaces to run properly. The instability you are experiencing here is beyond Cubase’s responsability. You can only suboptimize from there on by selecting a larger latency in your Studio Setup until the pops and crackles stop. For any mass consumer soundcard I wouldn’t go below 1024 samples. What is currently configured?


Hi, what I did was move the buffer slider from low to med and that fixed the crackles in the sound.
Changed some settings in the GPU as was mentioned in another thread to address the glitching interface and that seems to have made it a lot better .
Only been a few days of the trial and Im finding my way around the software.
Thank you Armand.

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