NEW USER Q: Importing MID and SIDE wav Files

Hello All.
I am a new user of WaveLab and am really loving how it accomplishes exactly what I need. It is quite brilliant.
I have a need that I would really like help with - I have Mid and Side wav files that I need to import into WaveLab and combine into a stereo L/R file. How do I accomplish this?
Thank you for your considerate help.
Laura B.

Assuming you have separate mono Mid and Side files, there are several methods.

Use the Batch Processor to combine the mono files into a 2 channel file. You’d have to name them appropriately first with ‘-L’ and ‘-R’ at the end of the file names… and you’d have to check ‘accept dual mono’ in the Batch Processor (there might be some proper instructions on this in the manual).

You can also directly open the files in the Audio Montage or Audio editor as a dual mono file if ‘Allow Opening of Dual Mono Files’ is checked in Preferences / Audio Files / File and the file names have ‘-L’ and ‘-R’ as a suffix. You must adhere strictly to the chosen naming method otherwise this won’t work.

[EDIT] Once you have the Mid and Side channels in a dual mono file format you can select MS mode in the lower left corner of the display. In MS mode the dual mono file is automatically decoded when you render the file. Or if you remain in LR mode you can decode using Voxengo MSED, for example.

If you don’t want to bother with file renaming, another alternative is to set up a dual mono channel montage, one channel panned left and the other right (use pan control in Inspector / Track Effects). Drop the audio onto the tracks and then process with Voxengo MSED on the Output Effects (Inspector / Output Effects).


Have a Q regarding to this…
Shouldn’t there be a option to import Mid + Side wav files
like M and S or other naming than L and R ?


regards S-EH

Yes there probably should be a better way to deal with Mid and Side…

I noticed you can actually set up other naming in the Preference for this, but having to rename files can get awkward anyway. I think setting up a dual channel ‘MS-Decode’ montage is a good workaround if you don’t want to bother with file renaming.

Yes I agree!

regards S-EH

Thanks very much for the replies. I really appreciate your taking the time to do that.

Stingray - Your suggestion of the MS decode is the ‘workaround’ so to speak that I’m currently using. As S-EHansson implied, It is a bit cumbersome so I was hoping that there was a more elegant solution that I wasn’t aware of (could not uncover in the manual).

Regarding the discussion of the use of the Batch Processor - Has that been tried/ used by someone previously? I have not tried that but if it has not been tried previously I’m curious if ‘tricking’ WaveLab into thinking it is processing L and R files would produce the desired result of a normal stereo file. Certainly, I think the MID file would have no problem in the dual mono setup but would the SIDE file work? It is a really interesting concept and using the Batch Processor is very convenient for time saving operations on numerous files.

Again, I’ll restate my agreement with S-EHansson that there should be an option to import (and export?) M and S files. MID and SIDE recordings are not really rare so I would have thought that a mature professional application would have had capacity for dealing with these files but perhaps the need is not as common as I would have expected. This in no way detracts from WaveLab’s being a brilliant application - and it is indispensable for me - but I wonder if it has been considered in the past but the perceived demand was not there or if it perhaps planned for future versions. Maybe someone from the Steinberg side will chime in and comment.

This is already possible. And @stingray pointed in the right direction. Create a naming rule to recognize the M and S files. Then once opened as a dual-mono file, activate the M/S editing mode, as displayed on the picture.

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Thanks PG :wink:
Have to ask is this naming compatible with other software?

and yes I can try my self I mean in general

regards S-EH

No idea. -M / -S is here an example. You can use the suffix you like.

Wow! That just changed my life. Haha!
Thank you so much for joining the conversation PG. That is very generous of you.
It is extremely helpful to learn this. Very glad that there is existing functionality to accomplish this. I have a new greatly improved process starting today.
Best regards,
Laura B