New user question

Hey folk,

I recently retired at 55, wasn’t in the music biz, never graduated garageband.

I had cubase LE AI 9.5 (was packaged with H4N/zoom) and decided to give it a try since my PC has much more gas than my current mac.

Everything worked fine, took some learning - but par for the course. I upgraded to Cubase “Elements”, yet it appears Cubase LE AI is what is shown.

The installer directory shows “Cubase Elements 9.5 Full”. The subdirectories show - 5,748,015KB.

This is exactly the same as my old LE_AI install file (content and file sizes).

Does anyone have an idea on what’s up with this?

Thanks much. Apologize in advance on such a simple question. It only takes a few more plug in’s and I’d be in Logic range on price anyway.

Yes, that’s how it works. The executable file is the same for three levels of Cubase, and it’s the licence that unlocks the features of a given product.

Congratulations, you have now completed Elicenser 101 and 102 and are certifiable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much!

Welcome to the forum, there is a wide age range if that’s important and all levels of skill here. A few keyboard warriors, but ignore them. I have been loving and sometimes fighting Cubase since it was Pro24 back in the mists of time. There’s always something new to learn and plenty of help here.

Welcome to the forum lovetheax62
I’m a new user of Cubase since June this year, check out Cubase on Youtube,for all kinds of great tutorials.Greg Ondo,does a live session ( Q and A) on a regular basis
Lots of great members here.