New user question

hello , I am a new user and I have one simple question :

can I use my recently bought license on 2 computers?

Hey Pavel4… welcome! :wink:

You did not state what version of Cubase you have. Some versions have the license stored on the computer (soft-eLicense) and some versions store the license on a USB dongle.

If your Cubase license is on the computer then that is the only computer where it will work. If your license is on a USB dongle then you can use Cubase on the computer where you plug the USB dongle to.

Regards :sunglasses:

In addition to the relevant points mentioned by Prock, the short answer is no. Whether a soft e-license (which is bound to a single computer) or a dongle (USB e-Licenser) which may be moved freely between any number of computers; unless you purchased more than one license, you can only use it on 1 computer at a time even if you have 2 e-Licensers (You can only have the purchased Cubase license on one USB e-Licenser at a time as well)

Unless of course, you purchase more than one license.