New user question

Hi I’ve recently installed 9.5 with success about a week ago,and when I went back to it yesterday I can’t not hear any sound now, I can see my midi signal fine, but still no sound, I’ve tried retracing all of my steps as far as driver’s, and my other hardware that I’m currently using such as my presonus ar16,and my Nektar panorama P4, maybe when I first installed it a week ago I forget to save certain settings, but I really don’t think that’s the issue, I’m a PC user and currently using Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Where are your MIDI tracks routed to? What is the output of the MIDI tracks? MIDI doesn’t produce any sound by itself. Some sound generator does it (HW or VSTi).

Yes hi and thank you for your response, I understand that midi doesn’t produce sound I am now getting sound from my VST Halion, but still when I choose different sounds go down to previewing the different sounds Im still only get sound from one piano and my outputs keep saying not connected and I am getting total latency from the sound that I can use. I’m all screwed up with my routing thank you and please get back to me when you can


I’m sorry, I’m totally confused now, where the problem is.

I would recommend you to go thru the Quick Start video tutorials on the official Steinberg YouTube channel.

Confused here too, other than Martin’s wise suggestion of checking out some getting started videos, which outputs are saying they’re not connected?

MS synth enabled by any chance?

Studio/Studio setup/MIDI Port Setup and see if the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth checkbox is ticked… it shouldn’t be… i say this because you mention there is a constant piano sound…

Thanks for all your help guys and sorry to be so confusing, there are some things that need some adjusting. There are quite a few steps I’ve missed with the initial setup I’ve watched numerous videos on this, on YouTube and they weren’t specific, but for some reason I forgot about the ones on the Steinberg website which basically gets right to the point of most issues I that I talked about on my previous posts, I will watch them and let you guys know how I make out afterwards, can’t believe I did that. thank you all…