New User - Questions About Track Window


there are several things i’d like to do in cubase and after searching the operation guide pretty extensively i can’t find out how to do them. i was hoping someone w/more experience could point the way.

  • i have several takes on several lanes in a single track. i want to distribute the takes to several other tracks at exactly the same time [i.e., make sure their start points don’t move]. there is apparently no way to constrain-move a clip vertically? i tried playing w/‘tool modifiers => drag&drop => constraint direction’ in preferences, but that didn’t do it. i also can’t ‘nudge’ them down to other tracks, because clips in lanes don’t go to separate tracks, they just create brand new lanes in the same track ad infinitum. so, any way to do what i want efficiently?
  • how can i hide the track inspector? i often don’t need it, so it ends up taking up valuable screen real-estate i’d prefer to use for track space.
  • it seems like cubase is geared mostly toward recording automation, rather than drawing it in. i never record automation, i always draw it in. what i’d like to do is simple - draw a straight line. for example, say i’ve got a volume curve at -5db and i want to raise the volume 3db for exactly 8 measures. the only way i’ve been able to do this is to make distinct points on the curve and raise each point, lining them up as best i can ‘manually’. i’d like to be able to raise both points to the correct volume in one go, w/o having to eyeball the levels and line them up individually. i’ve tried the line tool and the curve tool, but these don’t seem to do what i want.
  • is there a way to extend a track selection vertically to include adjacent tracks using only the keyboard? for example, suppose i’m working on track 3, which is selected. using only keystrokes, can i select track 2 and 1 too?

thanks much in advance.

  1. The esiest way is to use the function “create track form lane”. Also it is possible to drag and drop an event from a lane to another track. Make sure that you have switched on the grid / bar, so that you can place your event on the same position easily.

  2. You can switch the inspector off in the window layout settings (second button on the left top). Best way is to create workspaces with and without the inspector and toggle them by a key command.

  3. One possibillity is to select all points of your automation curve. Then you get three manipulation handles on the top of your selection. with the middle one you can increase or decrease your whole curve.

  4. There are several functions for selecting tracks and events. Maybe it is possible to create a macro for your intention. I use the mouse by holding the ctrl key.

Hold down the ctrl key after pressing the mouse button to constrain movement. This is also the method to try when a modifier key has more than one function.

thanks! that’s really useful. and also as a result now have several new custom workspaces to boot! :slight_smile:

well, i can do this, but it doesn’t solve my problem. it seems to raise the whole curve equally, so if the 2 points already aren’t even, they stay uneven. what i’m looking for is a way to make an even line quickly and efficiently. for example, suppose i’ve noticed that the level is a little hot for a particular instrument in the chorus. i’ve got two markers delineating the chorus. ideally i’d like to be able to select the region between them and somehow pull down on the curve within the region and have a rectangular automation change be set in place. as it stands now, i have to manually line up my mouse w/the cross-hairs for the beginning of the region and click on the automation curve, manually line up my mouse w/the cross-hairs for the end of the region and click, click two more times on the curve inside the two points i’ve just made (otherwise simply clicking and dragging 2 new points i’m almost guaranteed not to get an even level), lasso the two inner points (which creates the handles you mention above) and move the inner points up or down. THEN i need to constrain-drag the left-most point farther left and the right-most point farther right until i get an adequate curve. :frowning: so much work for something that should be simple!! there has got to be a better way. is there?

i’ll have to get savvy on macros then. thanks!

haha! YES! it worked! :slight_smile: funny how it’d work this way but not if you hold down the ctrl key beforehand… thanks!


For issue 3 above, you can manually make 2 control points (close together) before the region and 2 points after. Then select the inner 2 points with the selection tool and drag the upper volume handle up or down. Until Steinberg gives us Pro Tools style automation editing (where you just drag any volume selection up or down), there is a macro/script combo that approximates this. (Select a range and run the macro. It creates the control points, selects the inner ones and switches tools, so all you do then is drag…)

The discussion and details are here:

Works like a charm…

Good luck!

There’s a macro & script that will automate “Pro Tools-style” volume region editing as AtaX describes in #3 above:

Discussion and details here: