new user, specific technical question

Hello, I am a new user of Cubase (Elements 9.5, Windows 10). I am encountering a problem as follows: when I play back an audio track I have recorded (I think as a STEREO track)- I only hear one side. I think I have set both stereo in and stereo out for the track, and when I am monitoring the track (as I record) I hear both sides through my earphones or speakers, also if I play stereo audio from another source (not Cubase) I hear the audio in stereo (so I do not think the problem arises from the settings etc in my audio interface). It is only when I play back a track I have recorded in Cubase that I only hear one side - what am I doing wrong? Help would be appreciated - please remember I am entirely new to Cubase so Cubase-specific references and technical terms will mean not a lot to me, kind regards Pete

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You are probably recording a mono source (like a guitar or mic) through a stereo input bus. Go into your audio connections and create a new mono bus for the connection to are recording through. On your next audio track make sure to change the input to that newly created mono bus.

BTW… you can record that mono bus to a mono or stereo audio track (I prefer stereo).

BTW 2… If you need to keep the previously recorded track you would have to perform a “Mixdown” of that track and import it back into the project.

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