new user, specific technical question

Hello - hope someone can help re. midi insert effects. I have four midi tracks routed through channels 1-4, each of which plays a different instrument in Halion Sonic (which I have in the instrument rack). One track plays a kick drum, another a shaker, another a bass guitar, and so on. I wish to a apply different effects to each of the tracks, e.g. I would like to put a little reverb on the shaker, and a little compression on the bass, and so on.
I can not find an ‘inserts’ tab/box in the track inspector for any of the midi tracks, and in the mixer console there are no insert effects shown in the ‘inserts’ slot above each of the track strips.
Can I apply a specific individual insert effect to each of my midi tracks which plays a specific instrument in Halion through it’s own specific channel? If so - how? Or am I approaching this in completely the wrong way?
May I politely request that you frame your answers with regard to the fact that I am very new to Cubase (and really struggling!), kind regards Pete

Hi Pete,

You need to create some new outputs and route your Halion SE patches to those outputs. The insert or send effects can then be added to those.

You can create additional outputs within the inspector on the left hand side. Select the box with the arrow coming out of it and create some outputs. It’s to the right of where it says ‘HALion Sonic SE’
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.57.05.png
Then within Halion SE go to the mix tab and change ‘main’ in the output column to whatever output you want.

On the Halion Instrument track you can now show the additional outputs by pressing the downwards arrow. The additional outputs will also show in the mixer.
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.02.18.png

Hello Michael, thank you so much for your reply - I have made some progress - have managed to apply individual insert effects to each of my midi tracks thanks to your help (viva!) Only problem I have encountered is that I seem to have replicated each of my tracks in the mixer - how? I don’t know.
I have to admit to being totally confused regarding signal routing in cubase - channels, inputs, outputs, busses . . . . aagh!!
I shall persist but at the moment it is pure attrition.
Thanks again for your good help.

Hi Pete,

No problem - you’ll have a midi track and an audio output in your mixer. I don’t tend to show midi tracks in the mixer so you could do the same. Also tbh I’d just create a new instrument track for every new halion SE instrument you want. The Halion SE sounds tend not to be very big but it does have the benefit of spreading the processing across multiple cores if you do that and as you’ve found you dont have to create multiple outputs.