new user survey now open

The steinberg site there was a user survey

The questions are internet relatid and if your willing to download programs that are from 500mb to 10 gb and more.

At the moment its only things like drivers ,plugins ,audio loops ,sound sets that can be download direct
from the steinberg site.
I am not sure but reading the qeustions the first thing that comes to mind
I think that steinberg whants to make software like cubase ,wavelab ,nuendo ,halion sonic , halion
direct download from the steinberg site.

The reason why is its just easer and cheaper for steinberg Whil this make it easer for poeple to buy there products. On the other hand direct download ,don’t have to go to the store. steinberg already dropped the manual on cubase ,wavelab ,halion the next step is dropping the box and the cd

A few example of componies ho do this direct download of there software:

Blizzard (starcraft ,diablo) , Apple (lion ,mountain lion ,app store) ,Steam (games) and more

Personally iam ok if this happens as long if i can redownload my software that i purchased. or place the download content on a usb stick ,cd ,or portable hard-drive.

At this moment if you download from the steinberg site software plugins , loops ,or sound sets you get a message sent to your email with a license key.

Link is broken

Go to the steinberg site for the survey

That was funny. The drop down for country does not list the USA. Did I miss something?

Yea I just noticed that too

Excellent if steinberg is selling their products Via downloads , by passing the distributor ,here in India , the Dist Muckup the products by 60% or more , stalling people from buying … if this happens gr8 going . s