New User to Spectralayers 10: N12 inconsistency issues

I have some time between projects and was excited to test SL10 in N12. I have all latest versions installed on a Mac Studio (Monterey).

I have some observations that I’d like to share on usability: this software is too clunky in ARA as an extension.
-In N12 I cannot add an event to the extension with a shortcut and have to add it with a mouse. N12 has an awesome shortcut window, this whoever is sorely missing…
-The playback sometimes follows the selection and sometimes doesn’t. Uncertain why.

  • When you are previewing for example noise reduction on a selection, you cannot change the selection while playing in the window. This is so annoying.

-Closing a process window while previewing renders n12 unstable and I need to restart N12.

-In general Shortcuts seem to be not properly implemented in N12 and SL?? I don’t know why I still need to use a mouse to escape from a window… the escape button only works when I click on the window I want to close… so if I change the level of a noise layer I need to reselect the window to close it with a button, even though I have only that window open.

Many more little things that are not pleasant me… please SB if you want my money: fix these inconsistencies.

-Key commands: example Select all (cmd-a) in the SL window (docked or undocked) does not work even after clicking in the spectrogram. The reason… the clip is still selected in the edit window… why is this so counterintuitive?
-Everyting outside the selection is silent on playback during preview. so I need to drag the playhead to my selection manually.
-Layers: Standard view is not standard, everytime I have to click on standard view (toggle from compact view) to be able to tweak a layers level. There is no preference to save standard view as standard…

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I believe that is the way spectralayers is intended to function. You can invert the selection and that will play everything outside (what you just selected).

Thanks for the response and insight.
I’d love that to be an option though… because it is not expected behaviour. I see a playhead moving through a spectrogram and hear nothing. If my playhead is incidentally at the start of a long file I’d have to wait… I’m not alway looking while listening to a process.

I have those key command issues too, in both Cubase (latest) and Nuendo (latest), running SL (latest) as an ARA extension on a second monitor; Mac Studio Max and Monterey.

It is quite frustrating when hitting Cmd-z in SL it will close down the extension since the command will take place in Cubase/Nuendo instead of in the ARA extension. With other ARAs this is no problem (Melodyne, RipX), it works as expected.
And yes, the spectrogram window in SL is active when trying the key commands.