New User trying add a VST instrument

Hi. I’m a brand new user, just installed Cubase 7 Education Software.

I watched the intro videos, created a new project and tried to add a VST instrument. Nothing shows up when I click on the empty boxes. Trying to figure out how to use Halion Sonic SE. Tried reinstalling all the VST, but still nothing. Any help would be much appreciated.


How did you try to add it? Have you read the fine manual? :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: Which empty boxes?

Which empty boxes?

Sorry, when I select menu item Devices->VST Instruments (F11) there is a list 1 to 64 empty boxes ( I think that’s how the video describes them.) This doesn’t seem to work. :blush: I was clicking in the numbered box, not the empty box. It’s working now. Silly me. :blush: