New user... with a big wish...

Hi everyone

I’m working since many many years with Sibelius and recently struggled over “Dorico” - I downloaded the trial version and was convinced: since 2 days I’m a proud owner of Dorico! Great piece of software, easy to use, intuitive and it offers exactly what I need. I already scored a small orchestra piece in no go. Today’s announcement of Dorico 2 and its new movie scoring feature was proof again that I made the right decision :wink: Thanks to the entire Steinberg and Dorico team, great job!

Yet, there’s one point I’m a little bit disappointed: As far as I know (and after having read a couple of threads about this problem), I can only use Dorico on my studio computer OR my laptop by taking the dongle with me when I’m “on the road”. I travel a lot and use the time in trains and planes to work on my scores or to reply to correction or alteration wishes in my scores from my theater clients. With Sibelius this was of no problem and other software such as Reason also allow installation on several computers (while one only can run it on one machine at a time).

Maybe I’m overlooking something here and my wish already came true, so I’m thankful for any hint on how to make life easier without constantly carrying a dongle with me. (Yes I know, one solution would be to buy a second licence, but… :mrgreen: )

Thanks, Thomas

You are correct on all points

I just slip the dongle into my laptop bag and I’m good to go.

If you happen to lose it, you still can get your license replaced through Steinberg Zero Downtime.