New user - workflow questions


I’m new to the world of Cubase (coming from Logic, PT, and Studio One) and had some workflow questions.

  • When editing automation, is there a way to easily trim up and down a section? Like if I had 4 points, trim the section between the 2 middle points? I guess I have to select it and I get access to the transform points? Also, is there an easy way to remove a node? I couldn’t find a key modifier so have been switching back and forth to the erase tool. Is there a quick way to add 4 points based on a selection (similar to Logic)? Same question goes for CC values in the MIDI editor and the pre-fader volume envelope.

  • In the MIDI editor, is there a key modifier to temporarily suspend snap to grid (for moving and resizing notes)?

  • In VariAudio, is there a way to change the volume / amplitude of a segment? I can’t seem to find it if so.

  • I have an Artist Mix connected via the EuCon wrapper. Whenever I add a new track, the channel part of the inspector automatically opens. Is there a way to prevent this? It seems to happen when the Artist Mix fader engages.

  • My UAD plugins are disabled when I restart the project - but if I remove and re-add them, they work fine. Any suggestions?

Wrote a song from scratch and did a rough mix yesterday which sort of put Cubase to the test for me. Went decently well. Any workflow tips from you all would be very helpful (especially compared to Logic / PT / Studio One).

Thanks a lot!

Put the locators around the section you want to trim.
Open the automation panel.
Under the “Fill” section, select Loop
At the top turn on the “Trim” button.
Now move the fader that has the Automation on it, it will adjust that entire section up or down.
You want to read up on the Automation section in the manual.
Also to remove a node, select it, and hit the delete key on your keyboard.
good luck

Oh, and you can also just draw a box around the nodes you want to adjust with the select tool.
Then move your mouse to the top middle of the box you just drew, and you will see 3 dots across the top. Put your cursor on the middle dot and click and drag up or down to scale the automation.

“J” is the default key command for turning the the snap on and off.

Thanks for the responses so far.

I guess the key modifier on the arrange page that overrides snap temporarily doesn’t work on the MIDI editor then? You have to toggle snap on and off?

In C6, It’s dragging the length of events with modifier key down that disables snap.

Is it different in C7?

No - CMD (Mac) does allow you to override snap for note lengths, but it doesn’t work when moving the notes.

Is you’re working in Variaudio and you want to change the amplitude if a portion, just go a couple of buttons lower to PROCESS, select the range you want to process with your mouse, than use ‘select process’ for example gain if you want to increase or decrease the value.