New v3 Content Library Manager

Just Installed and run to move everything it current manages to my preferred storage location.

All ran Ok as far as I can tell.

However on examining the old libraries locations where on the mac it places the alias link files which point to the new vstsound library I still see a number of vstsound files it doesn’t move such as the reverence reverb sound files (FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01/03/04) and one file from The Grand 3 set (FCP_SMT_001_TG3_IR_Set_1) plus a miscellany of others such as the Halion Sonic Eagle / Raven sound sets etc

Is there a definitive list anywhere of what each default vstsound locations should be and what can and cannot be moved to a users chosen location?

Why can we move Padshop vstsound file but not the Retrolouge one (FCP_SMT_777_MPE_Sounds_Retrologue)?
Where should/can the two content files (PAT_SMT_100_Content_Set),( PIC_SMT_100_Content_Set) reside?
What do the sound sets FCL_SMT_222_Basic_Controls / FCL_SMT_223_Additional_Controls relate to?
What are the sound sets with SP suffixed to their file name (seem to relate to sound sets not purchased so why are they there)?

Its possible there may be a failure in the programming of the Library Manager in not recognising these files or it may be all working as designed and they shouldn’t be moved but its hard to have confidence in the program without this associated information of a list showing what should go where.

So any list of all Vstsound files locations showing whether user defineable or steinberg required locations?


Same concern here.

Same here. Has this been solved yet? I need to free up 8gigs to update to 10.5 but the clunky Library app won’t allow me to move certain files. Frustrating.