New version 5 (not se) is muting my drums.

The new version of groove agent are sometimes muting, toms and cymbals by them self. No midisignal to to choke the cymbal or anything. Since I use Groove Agent 5 also in live conditions it’s really annoying, and can put you out of rythm when it happens when you don’t expect it. And that hdpi mode is also not working. Which is for me also annoying since I’ve got bad eyesight and was really happy about that upgrade, wanting to enlarge the drums and the mixer so I could work from behind the drums. So the only thing in the upgrade I could use was the export mix to cubase… Which don’t actually include the fx that it states, buuut… So you have to remix your drums anyway in cubase… But I’m, just a “dear valuable customer” since 1995, so… Now ovning licenses to cubase pro 10, halion 3, and groove agent 5 and don’t seem to get any help… from anywhere. About any topic I publish here or in the steinberg help section, so I start to be somewhat fed up with your products, and considering to change to another platform. Thank You!