New Version, Same bugs

I’m excited about the new features in Cubase 13.
But since it took them a year and a half to release, I was really hoping old bugs would be fixed.
But no…

No point in writing them down because these bugs are here for now 3 version, so I doubt Steinberg actually care or read these but here goes:

  • Render in place: When rendering with channel settings, If a track (or event) being rendered is sent to a group (or multiple groups) where one of them has multiple direct routing, the render will include the complete signal path including the groups.

  • PLE: Under media type: There’s still no distinction between midi track and instrument track. Making it impossible to select only midi tracks or only instrument tracks.

  • This one is inconsistent, but this happens more often than not: When quitting Cubase (on my 2019 Mac Pro, 28-core- 192 RAM, Running macOS Monterey) Cubase will crash when trying to close down the project forcing me to do a force quit.

I bet there are plenty more but these are the ones that bother me on a daily basis.

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My bet: even in Cubase 15 there will still be bugs from the past which are not even minor. If - and I mean this seriously - Cubase / Steinberg will still be in business at this point in time, which I hope for various reasons, one if for the people (in Germany). Presonus is not doing good on “the greener side”: obviously they discarded an upgrade path from a lower version of their Studio One Artist Verion to the most current. I own SO Artist 5 and can only upgrade to the PRO version which is way too expensive and overloaded with features I don’t want. But at least they seem to release more frequently free updates with fixes and nice, new features for free over a lifespan of the major version. The next update price is then probably slightly higher though.
Coming back to Cubase 13: i used a Cubase 12 Activation Code to get the grace update but I am not stoked


The first two, you mentioned, are not bugs. Cubase is specified this way.

Regarding the crash, attach the *.ips file, so we can have a look, what is crashing, please.

@Martin.Jirsak ips? not a dmp anymore?

On macOS it is .ips file.

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*.DMP for Windows, *.ips for macOS 11+; *.crash for older macOS versions. :wink:

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