New Version - Sound Stops after two hours!

The sound completely stopped in the “new and improved” Cubase 10.5.10 after working with it for two hours!!

I returned to Nuendo 10.2.10 and all was fine. I think perhaps this Cubase version needs to be completely scraped and started over from scratch.Let’s move on to Cubase 11?

Like the Boeing 737 Max jet, perhaps this is never gonna be fixed. They stopped production on that, maybe it’s time to do the same with this. It just seems to be one error and bug after another.

Unless you want to beta test Ted I would stay on Nuendo where it is somewhat safe.
No Cubase 11 needed, we still can’t run 10 nor 10.5 properly after purchasing them. I won’t be going to 11 here.
Too many issues

Agreed 100%