New Version Virtual Bassist and Virtual Guitarist???

even if they would make VG2 and VG electric edition to work in OSX 10.6, that would make me and many other producers, musicians, composers I work with and others that i know very happy.

no other plug-in or library can compete IMO with Steinberg’s virtual guitarist 2. we tried MusicLab real guitar, acoustic legends, NI Akkord Guitar… nothing comes close!! :cry:

++ I´m using VG2 too and I love it. There´s no comparable plugin available. It´s a pity …

Well, just bought a copy of Virtual Bassist… Sorry I had not bought it before it was discontinued… But there were so many negative comment on this product , I hesitated… BUT THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST VSTI EVER CREATED… Along with Virtual Guitarist…
Now, can we petition Steinberg to at least get ‘midi out’ and more styles (seem like a good revenue stream to sell these styles)… I LOVE THESE VSTI…

Anybody HELP!!!


We just cannot work on these VSTis anymore because we do not own them. Even small feature updates are impossible now that Wizoo is no more or better part of Avid. There has also been no decision on whether we want to make a successor for either one of these two instruments.

Currently people pay $700/€500 on ebay for a used license of VG2. It may be an aspect that VG2 has never been cracked, but to be honest: There’s a demand, and there’s no comparable product from anyone up to now. And Sven Bornemark is still alive AFAIK.

So what was said in January 2008 was not true?

To save you clicking on it:

Steinberg has today announced a change in the status of older products developed together with Wizoo Sound Design GmbH.

Previously a development partner of Steinberg, Wizoo has since been acquired by Digidesign. This acquisition ended the development partnership between Steinberg and Wizoo.

As per the agreement with Wizoo, Steinberg has formally ended distribution for all co-developed products on December 31 2007, including all that have not already been discontinued. This also means that there will be no further technical developments for the product versions listed below, which will then officially become ‘legacy’ products:

Virtual Bassist
Virtual Guitarist 2

Hypersonic 2
The Grand 2
Customers of these products will, of course, still be able to contact their Steinberg dealer or distributor for technical support.

We wish to restate that we are committed to safeguarding the investment of our customers: any customer who has purchased one of the products listed above will be able to either update to a new version or be able to purchase a crossgrade to a replacement Steinberg VSTi product when it is released. Thank you very much for your continued custom and support! Customers with queries or comments can reach us at info(at)

We have released successors to The Grand 2 and Hypersonic already and no decision has been made so far on Virtual Bassist and Virtual Guitarist so I guess the statment is still valid.

So should your statement be “There has also been no decision on when we will make a successor for either one of these two instruments”, rather than “There has also been no decision on whether we want to make a successor for either one of these two instruments”?

Just want to say, I did a track with VB a couple days ago… And I must say, that this VSTI seems like it has a soul… :open_mouth:
And as an owner of Trilian also… one can only imagine if it had only reached version 3… or even version 2.
Come Steinberg, bring back these instruments…
VG and VB has got to be the leading act in the VSTI’s Hall of Fame.

I’m running the Win 7 64 bit and both of these program will work with Cubase 64 bit if you do the following.

Open the shortcut with a right click and goto the Properties Menu>Select Open File Location.
Right Click on the exe file and click on the Program Compatibility Tab

Set the Compatibility to Windows XP SP2 in the drop down menu.
Next check the Run as an Administrator box.

Do this for all the older VST instrument you have and they will work with Cubase 64.

Check to make sure the .dll file is in the Cubase VST3 Folder.

Great discussion, I’m new to the forum and it’s an awesome place here. Well, I just bought a new unopened version of virtual guitarist (1). I’m wondering if anyone here knows anything about it and if I’ll be able to use it in a Mac or pc. Im really new to vst and honestly have never used any… I mainly record audio in PT, but am seriously considering Cubase next…I would also like to know if I could buy a used VG2 or find someone that would sell me VG2…

I would like to thank Jeff Deno from Steinberg support for his quick and helpful answers on this matter.

Regards, Nick.

You get both Mac & PC installers on the DVD inside it.
No idea what Mac OS is supported though
There is also an update or 2 on the servers here that you will need.

EDIT - check out this link

Thanks for the reply neil… have a good day.

New to this forum. I bought VG2 but would love to get the EE version also. Have been checking on ebay and it’s nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where or how to get it? Anyone selling EE version?

Please Steinberg!! Virtual Guitarist 2 was/is still one of my best plugins, nothing else can be compared to it. We are many who wants a new Virtual Guitarist… :smiley:

I now have OSX Lion and can’t use it any more :frowning:

Me too,

have an iMac with Lion 10.7. I was able to install the software but I cannot setup the content folder. So the VSTi can be opened but has no SoundData…


It is a pity to not be able to have the Virtual Bassist for new Macs and Logic Pro X I hope Steinberg reconsider to make a new version of such useful program, I really hope.

I’d like to buy Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 for Windows 7 or 8.1, but unfortunately on the official website of this product no. I really want to buy this product, please help. :astonished: :open_mouth: