New Version Virtual Bassist and Virtual Guitarist???

New to this forum. I bought VG2 but would love to get the EE version also. Have been checking on ebay and it’s nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where or how to get it? Anyone selling EE version?

Please Steinberg!! Virtual Guitarist 2 was/is still one of my best plugins, nothing else can be compared to it. We are many who wants a new Virtual Guitarist… :smiley:

I now have OSX Lion and can’t use it any more :frowning:

Me too,

have an iMac with Lion 10.7. I was able to install the software but I cannot setup the content folder. So the VSTi can be opened but has no SoundData…


It is a pity to not be able to have the Virtual Bassist for new Macs and Logic Pro X I hope Steinberg reconsider to make a new version of such useful program, I really hope.

I’d like to buy Steinberg Virtual Guitarist 2 for Windows 7 or 8.1, but unfortunately on the official website of this product no. I really want to buy this product, please help. :astonished: :open_mouth:

I still own a VG 2 but didn’t use it for long… just find out it’s over with the support.
Have to find out if it was a only mac version, or both windows and mac on the installer and key…
But if I could make you happy with a second hand version…