new version = way worse graphic lag when recording

Anyone else getting this:

First project I’ve been working since new release = disaster

here’s another one documenting the horrible (MAC) bug where a large number of (audio) parts slows down the GUI - look how a plays / records well at the beginning but as soon as more parts are shown it goes haywire.


Just moving the mouse over elements in the inspector does the same horrible play head lag in my Cubase 8.5.2

Steinberg is aware of it but that’s simply not good enough. I run logic x on the same machine flawlessly with tons of tracks…no play head lag at all!

true - it’s been bad for a long time, just thought I hadn’t noticed it during recording where there were no issues when just playing back the track. That was new to me.

Not only on Mac, on PC it’s a little better, but just moving the mouse curser over the play head makes it lag like 2400 baud modem connection.
I don’t think Steinberg is unwilling fixing it, i just don’t think they now how. :frowning:

With record enabled it’s worse. I can’t justify upgrading to Cubase 9 until it’s fixed.

Absolutely no problems what so ever… Mac Pro 5.1 HD5750 card running 2 (sometimes 3) Full HD displays Mac 10.12.4 Recording 24 tracks at a time… Maybe a fresh install of your Mac?

I can confirm a fresh install didn’t work for me. I have tried 100% fresh installs of both Yosemite and El Capitan. Same issues with laggy play head on 8.5.2.

The big point that I’d emphasize is : Why should Logic X run without such horrible play head performance …same CPU hit…same hardware? Room for improvement by Steinberg for sure.

As stated in the sticky and all over the net Sierra has lesser problems. Logic X runs “better” because it isn’t as realtime like Cubase. It isn’t a Cubase problem, Pro Tools same problem! Yes, there need to be a fix but it is not as easy as you think! Logic buffers differently, and as a Apple in House product they have different resources…

Really? Do you have a project with a lot of audio parts in where you can check? It’s related to graphic performance so when Cubase has to draw a lot of audio parts things go wrong. Check my second video where everything is ok until I scroll up so the parts gets visible.

Just mixed a live concert 32 tracks, all slate digital plugins, 5 fx tracks, 10 group tracks, CPU running at 80% a lot of automation. It doesn’t run as smooth as 1 track with nothing on it, but that fairly logical. Mixing at 128 buffers (higher doesn’t give more power).

ok - good for you. The issue gets way worse when you have lots of small parts - long audio tracks are usually no problem here as well.

I, who work mainly sample based and I chop stuff up a lot, run into bad performance all the time.

it’s just trying to groove to your bpm.

(sorry. it is indeed rather irritating. that’s why i rolled back to 7.5 indefinitely.)

Just to point out: AVID fixed the problem with Pro Tools (I saw this firsthand with friends who had the problem and now don;t, though for some reason I never had the problem myself with Pro Tools).

even recording midi and editing automation is now complete a pain and almost impossible with this new release.

Gr8 work Steinberg…omg - rolling back :imp:

Just posted about this in the Sticky GUI thread. This isn’t a Sierra issue - a session I’m working on struggles to handle graphics while recording tracks in V9, but is perfectly OK in 8.5.

Besides all other GUI lag issues I noticed this one today after the upgrade to 9.0.1 . I’m using 3 montors @ Full HD and this lag make it almost unusable for me!!