New version?

I haven’t visited here in a while. Any update as to expected release date for a newer version. The two things I’d like to see are the drum scoring and repeat bars…unless I’ve missed an update.


I provided some high-level details here. I’m afraid unpitched percussion and repeat bars are not included in this update, though unpitched percussion is a very high priority for us to work on next.

Thanks Daniel.

Sounds promising…repeat endings? Like 1st time bar, 2nd time bar etc…That’s what I mean. There’s a lot in that list so I can see you’ve all been busy.

Yes, repeat ending brackets are included in the next update. I thought you meant the little %-looking signs that specify that the current bar repeats the previous one, which are not included.

What about the Da Capo al Fine construct? (I get your answer about the segno constructs and I guess coda constructs are in the same bucket…)

As far as other repeat structures go, only repeat endings are included in this update, with coda/segno/D.C. etc. bits and bobs to come later.

I’m really craving the bits and bobs especially! :mrgreen:

Thanks Daniel…the DS I can do without for the moment but the repeat endings are pretty much a basic IMHO…saves on paper.