New video engine fails

I tried to load a h264 (mov container, full hd) into the timeline.
I get the thumbnails, but the Intensity Pro just gives a black screen.
I can show the video in PAL or 720p resolutions, but only get a black screen when I chose 1080 resolutions.

macOS 10.12.5, Intensity Pro Desktop Video Utility 10.6.5

Transcoded video to ProRes at no avail. Still no video from the Intensity.

Updated Blackmagic driver software to 10.9.3 at no avail.
Highest resolution possible is still 720p otherwise screen remains black.

Oops, the BM video engine from 7.1 has disappeared.

Does 8 replace the Nuendo 7 video engine entirely or is this due to the driver upgrade?

As I was looking to buy an intensity for feeding video to my external monitor I’m really eager to see if this gets resolved… Sorry to hear about the problem! I hope it’s just a small thing or will be patched really quickly. On the websaite it says N8 shouldwork with external video cards, so let’s see what the problem is.


thank you for submitting the issues. We will have a look into them one by one immediately.

Please make sure to run the 8.0.10 update.


8.0.10. is installed.

I rolled back to Blackmagic driver 10.6.5. and got Nuendo 7.1 back to work again after a reboot. At least I can work now.
Nuendo 8 still does not show full hd.

…and I have now tried this on two different monitors with two different cables.
The result is unfortunately always the same: No full HD 25 frames picture when using Nuendo 8, Nuendo 7.1 is fine.


Sure you have chosen the correct Blackmagic output resolution?

My Intensity Pro (pcie) shows a lot less output resolutions to chose from, but this is exactly the same setting, yes.

I can only say that it works flawless here.
Been working on this project, in different rooms without any problems whatsoever.

I have installed N8 on a second Mac now, that’s basically identical to my other configration.
I do get a picture there, but the cable to the TV is much shorter here (and it’s a different TV)
I can also get a picture from the first mac to this TV set, but still not to the live room (longer cable, different tv)

Still the question exists why I can get a picture from N7.1 or ProTools but not N8 to the live room from exactly the same machine.

I guess this could be down to higher bandwidth on the cable? Maybe the new engine is somehow trying to show more information than the old one resulting in a higher bandwidth that either the monitor or the cables running to that room cannot show.

Or maybe it’s down to some incompatibility with this specific plasma tv (and the monitor I have tried).

I would appreciate Steinberg investigating this issue, maybe bringing back the mode that the Intensity Pro worked in in Nuendo 7.1.

This is quite disappointing, especially since I start to like the GUI and offline thing in N8


I am having the same issues with a blackmagic intensity, using any of the 1080 output options leaves me with no picture and my screen complaining of ‘unsupported output’. I am also lacking many of the output options that were available in N7. This is with the latest N8 build and black magic drivers, Everything works fine as it always did in N7. This is on Windows 10 BTW.


I will report this back to the video guys.



I have the same problem.

We got 1080i working if we enable 1080Psf in the Blackmagic Mini monitor settings panel.
However we did notice far less screen updates during fast forward/rewind and shuttling compared with Nuendo 7 :frowning:

I’ve updated Blackmagic driver to 10.9.3 and the Intensity Pro it’s not shown as video device in N7, back to 10.8.5 and works again.

Same issue with N8?

In N8.0.15 with my Decklink Intensity Pro card I still can’t get anything out at 1080 at any frame rate. All other resolutions are fine. 1080 works perfectly in N7 with Intensity Pro, as does Davinci Resolve. This happens on 3 different computers all with the Intensity Pro cards. I have tried different codecs, but to na avail. My monitor informs me “Unsupported signal. Check your device output” even when no video file loaded. Again, only in N8 and only at 1080 (all frame rates).

1080 Files will play if I use the onscreen window though, but this is not desirable.