New Video-Engine for Cubase/Nuendo (When ?)


I remember there was a mention last year, that the new Steinberg non-QT based Video-Engine will be out sometime during March, 2017.

Any updates, news on this ? When can we expect the release of the new Video-Engine ?

Hopefully we will see it released soon.


It’s apparently already done, but they’re taking care of possible licensing issues first. It’s expected to be released during Q2 2017.

Licensing Issues ? … Hmmm… Why would they have licensing issue ?

If it is their Video-Engine, they should be able to license it to who ever pays a license fee to use it. What’s the issue ?

See this post from ‘Fredo’ in the Nuendo forum pages:-

OK. Thanks for the link.

I guess we just have to wait, and hope it is released during Q2-2017

I have nothing but great video performance,u have to find the right codec,I use the mov role with h264 and 1 keyframe every frame,1920x1080 and video is smooth as silk I can zip around the timeline as fast as I can and the video is right there …awsome!!!

That sounds great, so video will be optional.