New video engine

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed that the new video engine has been introduced with the release of Nuendo 8.

We are planning to implement the new engine in Cubase 9 with the next maintenance update.

The new engine is not based on QuickTime and supports all of the most relevant formats. Unfortunately we had to make compromises and in the first iteration “Replace Audio in Video” will no longer be possible. As an alternative, video render export functionality (including audio) is planned for a future update.

Please find all details about the new video engine in the knowledge base article:
New video engine for Nuendo 8

Thank you for your post Matthias.

Are you able to give an indication as to when the next maintenance release will be available?


Thanks for the news, Matthias – +1 for Maincat’s comment – can you give us an idea when the update will be released?

Unfortunately not. There is no official release date for the 9.0.30 maintenance update yet.

OK Matthias, thanks for that quick reply.

Looking forward to it.


Will it be possible to stay with the Quicktime video engine( to use "Replace Audio in Video ") but install the following maintenance updates until the “future update” with the video render function is released?

Looking forward to it !!

No, we will have to replace the QuickTime video engine with the maintenance update.

Unfortunate that external factors cause major software engineering distractions such as this (and the Cubase IC Pro App broken by an Apple update) instead of the enhancement and advancement Cubase workflow and creative features!

Looking forward to the release. So glad that quicktime is gone.

Great news ! :wink: