New Visibility Hover Menus

These things are driving me nuts. They pop up when you least want them to, they even show up when fiddling with a plugin that happens to overlap the window in question. If you’re not careful, you end up turning something off that you want on. They act like a modal dialog when your mouse cursor ends up in the wrong place. Another minor annoyance is they seem to be out of sync with the rest of the UI WRT look and feel. Is there any way to disable them?
The visibility button always worked just fine for me. I infrequently want to change what I’m looking at, when I do, I know where to go.


Unfortunately, there is no way, how to disable them. There are some threads at this forum already.

I hate these things as well. They seem to pop up when you don’t need them and sometimes will lock up the entire gui until you acknowledge it. It just slows me down!

I rarely complain about stuff in CB but this one has really got my goat. Honestly I cant think of a way I would use it, so can we PLEASE have the option to turn it off.

Amen, this has got to be one of the most unwanted “features” ever. A proper consolidated window system would be most welcome, but this pop up are horrible…

You’re talking about these ones, or something else?
2016-03-14 07-57-43 Window.png

Yes, those.

I hate all the “Hovering Control Design” (yes, it has a name now - according to one of the latest Version History papers).

Hovering should only be used for Tool Tips IMO (which you can hide if you want to).

Add one more “hater” to the list.

Wow. This is a feature? I actually thought they were possible debugging info for programmers that got left in the release. They have nothing in common with the rest of the GUI design. I"m not sure what the point of them are if they are actual features.

I don’t like those panes in the project window. They are anoying they pop up like :imp: In all 4 corners of the project window. Like who needs all of that? If they keep this up Cubase 9 and 10 will be like :question:

They would actually be quite useful if they had were right clickable or had some other button to display them.