New Vocal Ambient Electronic

Just finished up my second collaboration with a wonderful female vocalist. This was 100% made inside Cubase 6. Let me know what you think please! Free download link is provided.

DeeperNET Feat. Zefora - Fluid In Blue


No comments? :frowning:

Just listened, really nice. Are you playing the guitar here? Lots of depth in the production and a great mix . The vocals sound great; nice production

Thanks! :smiley: No, it’s actually the ‘Nylon Guitar’ patch from NI Kontakt 4 library. It’s funny I write most of my songs on a physical guitar but use sampled ones when it comes down to the production process. :laughing:

Thank you for listening!

This sounds good but it would have a slight better edge if you used real acoustic; especially by the time you get to the end. I’ve done similar things recently in that I’ve played acoustic steel string guitar samples from my midi strat in productions. I basically always wind up pulling them before the final mix as real acoustic just cuts better.

The samples you’re using here and your playing technique are very good and this is not a big issue for you or this song. I liked it as much on second listen.

I enjoyed it.