new vst connect pro 4 user questions

hi all, i am about to try using vst connect pro4 with a client, and have a few questions. it will mostly be recording vocals, so just one mono track.

  • my client has a PC laptop and an ipad (not sure which one). which device should i advise them to use at their performer end? is one more reliable than the other for vst connect useage?

  • is there any particular soundcard that is recommended for audio input at the performers end? (does an ipad require an external soundcard??)

  • if i choose to run realtime lossless audio (its only one 44.1k track), i understand the performers takea are recorded directly to my machine. are the files still also recorded on the performers device?


a) both iPad and PC are ok, PC is probably more versatile.
b) iPad and PC can both operate on their resp. internal hardware, better audio interfaces (available for either system) provide better quality.
c) lossless transfer is only available with the PRO version. Also exclusively with the PRO version are files recorded on the Performer machine, which can then later be transfered in full resolution.

any feedback from anyone else with regards reliable audio interfaces? one of the steinberg ones ur22 maybe?

anybody got vstconnect ipad experiences?

ur22 is certainly a good choice.