New VSTi are not updated on the list

Hi there,

New VSTi are showing up in the Plugin Manager but they are not automatically updated on the list, meaning I have to drag new VSTi to the left tab and cannot load new VSTi unless I do this

Any idea why this is not updating correctly ?


Are you using a custom plug-in collection in plug-in manager?

If so then you have to add them manually.

If not, maybe you have created one by accident. In which case set it to default. (Top right hand menu in plug-in manager).

If you need more info on this have a look here. There’s probably more info than you need in this video but you can skip through it at your convenience if it helps.


Thanks for the help, it worked. I think I messed up the plug-in manager previously, set it to Default solved it!

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Just to point out though that using your own config can be extremely useful.

Have a scan through that video when you get a few mins spare (or if you need help sleeping) :rofl: