new vsti means cubase just starts playing it... for some reason

Hi All,

i have this weird issue , I’m sure it’s something with the routing, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out…
When I add a new vsti instrument, cubase somehow starts playing notes, even though, by my knowledge I have no midi track to drive that output.
I have set each instrument to their own output, when needed, and set the input for the channel to be the legacy midi keyboard.
I thought that might make a difference from “all midi inputs”.
Weird thing is, that even after deleting the weird instrument and adding a completely new instrument + track, it plays those notes again.
What am I missing ? I can’t find it in the mixing console either.

Thanks a lot for thinking along with me :slight_smile:


Thats Wired.

Well lets roughly sum up the total routing picture and options.

Midi input.
-midi port setup: adjust visibility, adjust all midi in, some boxes for selecting system time stamp and device directmusic.
-channel midi input
-channel midi inserts
-remote midi input.
-plugin midi input.

Midi outputs.
-midi port setup
-channel midi output
-channel midi sends
-plugin midi output.
-remote midi output.

And probly some more that dont come to mind.

Other things are channel direct monitoring, sysex, cc, record enable, editing, mtc in/out, midi latency comp…
1 midi connection has 16 sub channels.

Yes, There are a few things to keep an eye on. And there are alot of things that can go wrong, if you are not on top of things.

I have to ask. Is this happening to all vsti plugins, or is it a multi channel plugin like halion with several instrument channels?

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thanks for the detailed info.

By accident I clicked on the channel settings whilst they were tabbed and saw the option “chords” and in there is an option that says " midi follow chord track". You can set that on or off.
Never knew that setting was there in the first place, but turning it off did fix it.
For some weird reason it kept doing that for new synths I was adding, probs some setting i can update somewhere.
See, the last time I worked with Cubase was when it was still on version 5, so I am a bit new to all the added functions…

I See, Lol.

I never use the chord track or chord pads. But I guess the source, is probly some place there.

Alot of added stuff since version 5. So you have plenty to explore.