New W764: help me recover my KC's, Templates, etc...

I’ve just spent over a week re-installing my plugins and VSTi’s into a new computer, :angry: :frowning: … so I’m hoping someone can provide me with quick answers. AFAICT, it’s not easy finding this info and I don’t feel like wading through google searches…

Both computers are Win 7 64-bit installations and both are using N32 and N64 5.5.4. I want to transfer my keycommands, templates and control room configs. So it shouldn’t be too hard in principle.

  1. Is any of this information shared between versions? I have 5 & 5.5 in 32 and 64 bit flavors installed. Are the Key Command files for 32bit different than 64bit? I so, I must of set them up the same over time…

  2. Which files/folders do I need to transfer to the new computer to have complete restoration of ALL the key commands I’ve set up?

  3. Which files/folders do I need to transfer to the new computer to restore all my templates?

  4. Where are all the control room configs I’ve stored in the past located?

I have both computers online and I’m sharing the C: drive of the old one so I can just transfer what I need.

Thanks for any help!

Helping myself… I found the “Application Data Folder” shortcut in the Nuendo Program File Group…

However, I’m still wondering which xml is the general Preferences contained in? Configuration or Defaults? Or another one?


OK: If you save your Preferences, they’ll be in a new folder called Configurations in the Presets folder. And you can then load them form there.

Has anyone, including Steinberg, created a cross-reference for all these configuration files? It would really be handy…

Thanks, Bredo.

Here’s the knowledge base link on the subject:

Cubase and Nuendo Program Preferences Files in Detail

Is it possible to use any of the 32-bit Nuendo configuration xmls for Nuendo 64-bit of the same generation? Are they in fact interchangeable: 64 <=> 32 ?