New wavelab purchase edited

(edited - previous post sent from Ipad - )
Hi all,
Just purchased wavelab 7 witha nice free upgrade to 8 - and I love it. Nice to be here… Already I have questions…
Background ?..I had wave lab 4 (on a XP machine running reaper) - (Ex. Cubase 3.7 -5.0 user) But after upgrading to win 7 - Wavelab 4 just didn’t act right. Would crash etc. when trying to save files or render…so I decided to take the plunge and upgrade.
I had waves plug ins (Version 3) (I think they are up to version 9 now…) installed with WL 4 but they dont work with 8 - using the waves plugs, always causes WL to “not respond” after a few minutes -when windows still Runs fine. Am wondering if anyone else has run into this … using older plugs,successfully…

I really like the spectral editing thing - the window set up - great features - a lot of great tools in this app.

Thanks for any advice

Dr. Zeemo