New way of Orchestration in Cubase 9

I need the posibility to send from a midi track the depest note alwas to a specific Instrument track and the second Note from this chord to another …an so one…this would be a great posibility for instumentation.

Are you talking about something other than what the Context Variables can do in the Logical Editor?

Oh yes. Mostly of the logical Editor Posibility are ofline. I whant to have i as a possibility of midi routung.

yes that would be very quick way to spread voicing for brass section.string section etc…, so when you play chords on a brass section every voicing goes to different instrument.
Edit: this ipad app do similar orchestration(from 6:50 min in the video)
i wonder if its possible with lets say,3 tracks loaded with trumpet,trombone and tenor sax and assign them to tracks with chord track on them with voicing, if this thing will work in real time. of course each track(instrument) play only one note from the chord you play to accomplish “real brass section” like playing.

If only all the Logical Editor presets could work in the Transformer loaded into Inserts or Sends, it would be the perfect solution. I just tried, but the Context Variable parameter doesn’t do anything in “live”. It’s not really “logical”. It’s a shame.

It’s too bad they develop such a nice app only for a toy !