New Win 10 major update

Hi to all forum members

Just writing in to ask if anyone has any problems with this new update for their music computer.
I have another computer just mainly for internet but have to use internet on music computer just for updates.
Has anyone got issues??
I have no issues on my internet general use computer , just had to change themes as the colours hall changed to ridiculous light and check the usual.
I always stall the updates on music computer until all beta testing has been done and the coast clear

All the best
John :slight_smile:


There is a known GUI issue with the latest Win 10 update. White border appears on the left side of any window. If you maximise the window, the mouse handling is shifted by this amount of pixels.

One of multiple threads discussing this issue is here.

Hi Martin

I have just updated my Internet main use computer and have no problems with borders at all.
It seems that an update in June up to now has caused people problems
I have just downloaded the latest update ,which contained Windows old, so this is a major update .
No problems as yet , but i will hang fire on the music computer until all is ironed out.
Big tip for everyone is to delay updates until you are confident that problems have been sorted.
This is what the pros do.


This is not generic issue, it’s in Cubase only (probably, I mean, I don’t see any other application with the same issue).

Hi Martin
I will sit tight on this update until there is something done
Thank you for highlighting the issue
I think Cubase is due an update.

All the best

Bit tip is not to update your OS until your updating Cubase :smiley:

Bigger tip is to “don’t fix it, if it isn’t broken”. No reason to update anything, if everything is working but you might want to not have studio computer connected to net in case you are missing security updates.

It does help just for updates only .
If working on a music computer i turn off Internet and Norton.
I just checked my music computer and it does have the latest update .I have a Nvidia graphic card and no problems at all .
Everything running very fast as usual on my I7.
I also checked the card in Device manager and all ok.

Allt he best