New Win7 (64-bit) machine... Cubase 5.5 in 32- or 64-bit?

Hi all… Happy This Year!!

Second of two immediate questions:

I’m still staring at a virgin, pristine DAW… nothing has been installed yet.

The new machine is running Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) on an Intel i7-930, with 9GB of RAM. It will be used in conjunction with a MOTU 2408mk3.

I work primarily with Gigastudio 4 (works beautifully on my old 32-bit machine… never tried installing it as a 64-bit app, yet), although I do use Kontakt and various softsynths as well. I have lots of old VST2 plugins, all of which are 32-bit.

I haven’t quite wrapped my head around whether I can install Cubase 5.5 as a 64-bit app on the new 64-bit machine, and use it in conjunction with my other apps (some of which are 64-bit, and others of which are 32-bit)…

… or whether I must install Cubase 5.5 and everything else as 32-bit apps on the new 64-bit machine, in order to get them to work together properly.

Advice, pointers, a useful M to RTF, etc., would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks everyone!!

— Alan

I have both 32 & 64 bit on my 64 bit W7 machine and generally use the 64 bit version. The only real problems I’ve had so far (knock on wood) have been with some 32 bit plugins that make VST Bridge crash, but there haven’t been many of those. If you use samples, then I think you’d want to go to 64 bit to maximize memory access in your system.

FWIW, you can load both versions on your machine. The good news and bad news is they don’t overlap. That’s good because you treat them separately and bad because there doesn’t seem to be a way to share presets and such between the 2 versions. That said, I would be happy to be proven wrong on this point it somebody else knows how to do it.

Hi Alan, as you mainly use Gigastudio please take a look at “” which provides a
native W7 64 bit version. And as schemanan said, you can install both C5.5. 32 bit & 64 bit on your W7 64bit. Tino

If your planning to use 32bit plugins in Cubase 5 64 bit consider using jbridge as it may save you time and frustration. There is a demo and it is not expensive and I’m not on a commision :smiley:

Sound On Sound have a fairly sober assessment of where Cubase is in terms of 64-bit support in a two-page article by John Walden in the January 2011 edition, but we also discussed the situation regarding plug-in compatibility here and here.