New wishlist

If I am rehashing stuff I’ve touched on before, apologies…

  1. The ability to apply ‘house styles’ (re differing engraving options) to individual flows as well as the ability to set global staff sizes for individual flows. The ability to import house-style libraries into new projects and individual flows would be huge for me.

  2. Copy/Paste filters persist through just one copy-paste until user directs otherwise. The ability to save filters within flows, project, and as importable libraries is a luxury item, I’m sure as priorities go, but would be quite useful.

  3. The ability to create a text block (e. g. ‘rit.’), save it, assign a hotkey to it, and use it throughout a project and/or flow. The ability to save such things as libraries for import into other projects.

  4. When copy-pasting (this applies to lyrics only?), I know everything ‘pasted’ is linked to its original from which it was copied. The ability to un-link such pasted items might sometimes be useful.

I need to learn InDesign (just to learn it). lol

Everything, I think, is touched on in this obscure thread I just found.

My experience in re-using old documents/shells with Finale is they become wonky over time. I had a old document-shell the ascendants of which dated back to 2014. I was wondering why lyrics were becoming so difficult to fix when I read somewhere about this Finale quirk. My new template-document-shell works perfectly, but I keep close watch on how things are going this time 'round.

Time for some home-made Dorico document templates - lol.

It is still my belief Steinberg released Dorico a year too soon, but if this forum is any indication, the community has been very gracious with each new update rewarding their patience.

Many would argue it’s the other way around.

I’ll defer to your wisdom on this. :astonished:

Actually, scrap that, I most certainly read that wrong on the first go.


I had a project written for SATB on two staves. I’m still a relative newbie, which means I decided to use a single player on piano. Of course, the barlines collided with lyrics.

I normally like my barlines going through all the way through a stave, but Dorico is actually starting to make me see things here and there in a new light ever-so-slowly. It’s easy to get into habit with even very good work (as I’ve done through the years almost exclusively through Finale), and it’s always good to get a spark from here or there to shake things up a bit.

As for my problem, I decided to create two new players, each on ‘Voice’. I nixed the staff names, copy-pasted my music from my original piano staves onto the two new voice staves and poof! The page in Engrave looks exactly the same as before save the barlines are broken. Everything looks wonderful.

I would suggest you use the ‘Choir (reduction)’ instrument, which shows two staves joined with a bracket but with no barlines going between the staves, so you can still read the lyrics.